The current climate goals are a necessity. Not to fix the problem, but to mitigate the inevitable damage. Sounds about as bad as it is. But we believe the ambition to do good should go beyond the necessary. To keep this house a home, we should do more than clean up after ourselves. 

Carbon neutral is a start, but we decided to go further. We call it: carbon minimalism. Zevero mapped our carbon emissions and with we put together a balanced portfolio of compensation measures ranging from natural to tech solutions. And we didn’t just stop at neutral. For every person at dawn, we’re compensating another tonne of CO2. Because with businesses that don’t just do good, but do better, everyone’s worth a ton.

We are over-compensating

41 +

Tonnes compensation needed
to become carbon neutral.

25 =

We choose to compensate
1 tonne extra per employee.


Total compensated emissions
to make us carbon minimal.

Total carbon emissions

This year again, our total carbon footprint has been calculated with the help of Zevero. Calculating emissions is a exciting process in a fast developing industry. New tools help us to calculate emissions we were not able to calculate before, which gives us better insights on our emissions and how to reduce them as much as we can. We have measured the emissions of all our business activities. From employee commutes to our office supplies, every activity and product is considered and translated to an exact number of emissions in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Carbon minimalism: it starts with one tonne per person.
Total carbon removal

After discovering our exact emissions, we asked to help us create a portfolio that includes different types of carbon removal. This ensures we support technologies that remove carbon for millennia as well as natural solutions. Some of the projects we're investing in through our bespoke portfolio can be discovered below.

Carbon neutral is good. Carbon minimalism is better.

How to become Carbon Minimal

Does your company want to become a Carbon Minimalist? We got you! Here you can find our Carbon Minimalism Guide, which helps you through the entire process.

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