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Buurman & Buurman & Toon® Buurman & Buurman (Pat & Mat), everybody knows and loves them. In our new campaign for Eneco, the two clumsy friends discover in their own unique way the many possibilities of Toon®, the smart thermostat. If they can do it, anybody can. See them in action

Meet the
micro athletes.
For Europe's most innovative museum, Artis Micropia, we created the Microlympics. An exhibition and campaign featuring the world's most talented and tiniest athletes. The Microlympics campaign

Reintroducing the biggest labor union in the Netherlands. We launched a new campaign and communication strategy for the biggest trade union in the Netherlands, to express its mission and relevance, and attract new members. View our new FNV campaign

highest ranked Dutch independent agency.
The Gunn Report (the global index of creative excellence) rankend Dawn as the best independent agency of the Netherlands. Read the full Gunn Report

Welcome in
the new world.
Eneco is a leader in the field of renewable energy. With a strong drive to innovate and push the energy transition forward. But how do you get the larger audience just as excited about this revolution? View the new Eneco film

Can an eskimo teach you how to become truly rich? The 2015 campaign for Triodos Bank: We’ve asked people all over the planet about wealth and money, and created a series of short format documentaries. View the latest Triodos campaign

The DAS Recordings. Real stories, real people, real conversations. Those are the ingredients for a new campaign for DAS, one of the biggest legal companies of Europe. View The DAS Recordings

Perhaps the simplest idea for happier classrooms. With the belief that a social society is happier and healthier, Dawn, together with Zorg en Zekerheid & Radboud University designed an online tool that positively improves people’s relationships with each other at a very early stage: in elementary school. View the Social Shuffle case

The beginning
of things.
Dawn Amsterdam creates cultural impact and value on behalf of brands. Don’t make people want stuff, but make stuff people want. That’s our mission since we started in 2008. Through the understanding of human needs, culture, and technology. About dawn Amsterdam

How to create awareness for girls in developing countries?
By celebrating the special relationship between fathers and daughters here in the Netherlands.
View the Plan Nederland case

The Amsterdam Zoo comes in colours everywhere this season. Thousands of animals, flowers and plants will grow and bloom in Artis Royal Zoo this summer. The result? A sea of colour only nature can offer. Artis Royal Zoo. Summer campaign

How you turn
a bank into a movement.
How does a sustainable bank like Triodos Bank reach a new generation of conscious consumers? And how do you make sure enough capital flows in to successfully work on your mission of ‘financing sustainable change?’ Triodos Bank. Small. The new big

Meet your microbes. You may think you are alone. But you’re not. Trillions of microbes keep you company, everywhere you go. As of today, you can meet your microbes. View the Micropia case

How a tiny frog caused a huge stir. Triodos Bank wants to be a 'financier of change'. This time we wanted to give people a wake-up call. Challenge them to rethink their role in the economy. Triodos Bank. 5 Things case

Soft sell,
hard results.
Triodos Bank and Dawn have won a golden Effie. Awarding the results of the brand since the launch of 'Follow your heart. Use your head' in 2010. More news from Dawn